The Competitive Season as an Experiment: Benefits, Limitations and Future Directions Editorial

Corey A. Peacock, Gabriel J. Sanders, Jose Antonio
Abstract 199 | PDF Downloads 78

A High-Protein Diet (>2.2 g/kg/d) Has No Effect on Sleep Quality and Quantity in Exercise-Trained Men and Women

Jose Antonio, Victoria Burgess, Cassandra Carson, Anya Ellerbroek, Cara Axelrod, Corey A. Peacock, Tobin Silver, Jaime Tartar
Abstract 328 | PDF Downloads 567

Comparison of Peak Torque and Aerobic Capacity Asymmetries in the Lower Limbs

Sara A. Harper, Morgan Cooper Bagley, Lisa Custer, John McDaniel
Abstract 144 | PDF Downloads 166

The Effects of Lepidium Meyenii on Grip Strength, Fatigue, and Sexual Behavior

Lia M. Jiannine, Jose Antonio
Abstract 937 | PDF Downloads 572