The Effects of Probiotic Supplementation in Active Men and Women

Jose Antonio, Alex Leaf, Cassandra Carson, Anya Ellerbroek, Cara Axelrod, Tobin Silver, Victoria Burgess, Corey Peacock
Abstract 268 | PDF Downloads 134

Training for the NFL Combine: Body Composition Changes

Jose Antonio, Corey Peacock, Cassandra Carson, Anya Ellerbroek, Pete Bommarito, Tobin Silver
Abstract 340 | PDF Downloads 204

Validity of A Portable EKG Device to Monitor Heart Rate and Rhythm in College-aged Male Athletes

Brenda Reeves, Priscilla Maghrabi, Brock Guetzke, Anna Howery
Abstract 133 | PDF Downloads 103

The Effects of Dietary Manipulations on Ultrasound Assessment of Muscle Size and Quality: A Pilot Study

Philip A. Sapp, Jeremy R. Townsend, William C. Vantrease, Autumn C. Marshall, Kent D. Johnson
Abstract 86 | PDF Downloads 71