The Effect of Peanut Butter Overfeeding in Trained Men and Women: A Pilot Trial

Jose Antonio, Cara Axelrod, Anya Ellerbroek, Cassandra Carson, Victoria Burgess, Tobin Silver, Corey A. Peacock
Abstract 1154 | PDF Downloads 273

The effects of a 7-day water aerobics exercise intervention on the cerebral hyperemic response to a cognitive task in individuals with Multiple Sclerosis

Brandon S. Pollock, Jennifer Petersen, Dayana Calvo, Hayden Gerhart, Keith Burns, John McDaniel, Mary B. Spitznagel, Angela L. Ridgel
Abstract 259 | PDF Downloads 130

Development of the Muscle Mass Obtainment Inventory

Davis Hale, Roger Kollock, Portia Resnick
Abstract 204 | PDF Downloads 110