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The Effects of a Multi-Ingredient Pre-Workout Supplement on Repeated Sprint Ability: A Randomized, Double-Blinded, Placebo-Controlled, Crossover Study

Meghan Magee, Marquez Norford, Scott Williams, Justine Fox, Rudy Inaba, Brett Comstock, Joseph Andreacci, Kyle Beyer
Abstract 201 | PDF Downloads 246

Perspectives of Health and Eating Behaviors in Marathon and Half-Marathoners

Laurie Stickler, Isaac Harding, Michelle Koetje, Heather Minder, Barbara Hoogenboom
Abstract 251 | PDF Downloads 148 PodScholars Audio Downloads 0

Achieving Longevity through Nutrition and Movement: An Intuitive Eating Approach

Lauren Roberson Brinkman, Esther K. Malm, Jessica L. Naber, Amelia A. Dodd, Oluwabunmi M. Dada, Janice L. Thurmond, Kristin M. Reid
Abstract 298 | PDF Downloads 160 PodScholars Audio Downloads 0

Accuracy and Concurrent Validity of a 5-point Rating of Perceived Exertion Scale for Selecting and Managing Moderate Level Resistance Training Intensity

Charlie McMillin, PhD, MSc, MS, Dr. Bridget Melton, CSCS*D, TSAC-F*D, EP-C, Nicholas Murray, PhD, CIC, Dr. Chris D'Adamo
Abstract 202 | PDF Downloads 127 PodScholars Audio Downloads 0

Examining the Relationship Between Healthy Eating Score and ACFT Performance in Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) Cadets

Aleksandra Mantanona, Joetta Khan, Julianna Jayne, Andrew Gallucci, LesLee Funderburk , William Conkright, Patrick Clifford, Rodney Sturdivant, Jeffrey Forsse, Jeffery L. Heileson
Abstract 433 | PDF Downloads 212 PodScholars Audio Downloads 0

Acute Citrulline Malate Supplementation Does Not Improve Anaerobic Capacity in Healthy Young Adults: A Pilot Study

Jerry Mayo, Brian C. Lyons, W. Steven Tucker, Benjamin Wax
Abstract 301 | PDF Downloads 139 PodScholars Audio Downloads 0

Predicted Versus Measured Thoracic Gas Volume on Body Fat Percentage in Male College Athletes

Dr. Fred Miller III, Brody Worl, Konner Platt, Nathan Orecchio, Dr. Yenly Londono Calle
Abstract 441 | PDF Downloads 136 PodScholars Audio Downloads 0

Nutrition Intervention Through a Social Media Platform on Nutrition Knowledge and CVD Risk Factors Amongst Firefighters

Katie Emerson, Douglas Kalman, Michael Downing
Abstract 290 | PDF Downloads 203 PodScholars Audio Downloads 0

Comparison of Two Reminder Interventions to Achieve Adequate Water Intake and Hydration in Women: A Pilot Study

Brenda Reeves, Ben Carter, Lauren Roberson, D. Gage Jordan
Abstract 407 | PDF Downloads 317 PodScholars Audio Downloads 0

Goal Setting and Parental Participation in a Piloted High School Football Sports Nutrition Education Program

Haley Stewart, Amber Marks, Rebecca Gonter-Dray, Diana Cuy Castellanos
Abstract 391 | PDF Downloads 261 PodScholars Audio Downloads 0

Do Current Pre-Exercise Fluid Recommendations for Athletes Need to be Updated? A Short Review

Samantha Kostelnik, Melinda Valliant
Abstract 566 | PDF Downloads 368 PodScholars Audio Downloads 0

Inositol-Stabilized Arginine Silicate Reduces Exercise Induced Muscle Damage and Increases Perceived Energy

Danielle Greenberg, Katie Emerson, Sarah Ojalvo Perez, Sarah Sylla, James Komorowski
Abstract 1002 | PDF Downloads 80 PodScholars Audio Downloads 0

Acute Consumption of New Zealand Blackcurrant Extract Has No Effect on Cycling Performance in Normobaric Hypoxia with Trained Cyclists

Matthew Ross, Megan Wilson, Katherine Reed, Sally Waterworth, Chris McManus
Abstract 538 | PDF Downloads 267 PodScholars Audio Downloads 0

Short-Term Citrulline Supplementation Does Not Improve Functional Performance in Older Active Women

Jeremy Townsend, Shameka Edwards, Laurel Littlefield , Jaclyn Morimune, Megan Jones, Ruth Henry
Abstract 410 | PDF Downloads 312 PodScholars Audio Downloads 0