Validity of a Low-Cost, Commercially-Available Accelerometer During Free-Choice Physical Activity in a Controlled Environment in Children

Mallory Kobak, Ellen L. Glickman, Curtis Fennell, Gregory S. Farnell
Abstract 88 | PDF Downloads 70

Bone Mineral Density in Competitive Athletes

Jose Antonio, Alex Leaf, Cassandra Carson, Anya Ellerbroek, Tobin Silver, Corey A. Peacock, Pete Bommarito, Sarah Knafo, Jaime Tartar
Abstract 2112 | PDF Downloads 916

Effects of Energy Drink Functional Ingredients on Running Performance

Philip J. Prins, Gary L. Welton, Edward J. Ryan, Catherine G. Majchrowicz, Jessica C. Althausen, Julie A. Fijal, Natalie X. Sorek, Teresa M. Dallatore, Dana L. Ault
Abstract 280 | PDF Downloads 222