The Effect of Fish Oil Supplementation on Body Composition and Strength in a Young, Athletic Population

Jeffery L. Heileson, Mitchell C. Cholewinski, Kathleen E. Adair, Ashlyne Vineyard, Andrew Gallucci, LesLee K. Funderburk
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A Comparative Study of Body Composition Assessment Techniques: DXA and InBody 270

Jose R. Garcia, Rithin Manimaleth, Paulina Czartoryski, Paige Napolitano, Haley Watters, Catherine Weber, Alexsandra Alvarez-Beaton, Alexandra C. Nieto, Aysha Patel, Corey Peacock, Jonathan Banks, Jaime Tartar, Jose Antonio
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Perceived Dietary Quality and Habits of Collegiate Student-Athletes

Kyle Brauman, Rebecca M. Achen, Jennifer L Barnes
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Upper Limb Circulatory Occlusion Improves Cycle Ergometer Time Trial Performance in Normoxia and Hypoxia

S. Raj J. Trikha, Alissa A. Newman, Luke C. Hoskovec, Christopher Bell
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Creatine Monohydrate Enhanced Fixed and Planned Load Reduction Resistance Training without Altering Ratings of Perceived Exertion

Jaqueline M Paiva, Carolina O S Souza, Vitor O Valle, Scott C. Forbes, Rafael Pereira, Marco Machado
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Effects of Purple Tea on Muscle Hyperemia and Oxygenation, Serum Markers of Nitric Oxide Production and Muscle Damage, and Exercise Performance

Kyle Cesareo, Tim Ziegenfuss, Betsy Raub, Jennifer Sandrock, Hector Lopez
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