Physiological profile of French Mixed Martial Art athletes

Xavier Barbier
Abstract 295 | PDF Downloads 628

Metabolic Changes Between Three Hydration Load Configurations

Davis Hale, Roger Kollock, Ryan Warner, Kelson Goins
Abstract 218 | PDF Downloads 171

Body Composition Assessment: A Comparison of the DXA, InBody 270, and Omron

Paulina Czartoryski, Jose Garcia, Rithin Manimaleth, Paige Napolitano, Haley Watters, Catherine Weber, Alexsandra Alvarez-Beaton, Alexandra C. Nieto, Aysha Patel, Corey Peacock, Jonathan Banks, Jaime Tartar, Jose Antonio
Abstract 5452 | PDF Downloads 4103

Creatine Supplementation: Practical Strategies and Considerations for Mixed Martial Arts

Tony Ricci, Scott C. Forbes, Darren G. Candow
Abstract 1884 | PDF Downloads 2148

Achieving Optimal Protein Synthesis and Muscle Function: Less Processing May Be Beneficial

Susan J Hewlings, Douglas S. Kalman
Abstract 441 | PDF Downloads 411