Sports Nutrition Knowledge of Athletic Trainers

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Shelley Holden
Neil A. Schwarz
Geoffrey M. Hudson


Education, Survey Development, Performance Nutrition


Introduction: The purpose of this study was to determine the sports nutrition knowledge of certified athletic trainers (ATs) using the Sports Nutrition Knowledge Survey (SNKS).
Methods: One hundred fifty-five college students, 30 ATs and 14 credentialed sports nutrition experts all completed the SNKS.
Results: The SNKS demonstrated very high test-retest reliability (r = 0.91, p <0.01). There was no significant difference between the average scores of the ATs and post- nutrition course group (60.8 vs. 59.2; p = 0.78; Hedges’ g = 2.15), while they were significantly greater than the average score for the elementary education group (p < 0.01; Hedges’ g = 2.10). Nutrition experts scores were significantly greater than elementary education (p < 0.01; Hedges’ g = 3.80), ATs (p <.01; Hedges’ g = 1.17) and post-nutrition course (p < 0.01; Hedges’ g = 1.54) groups.
Conclusions: Results indicated ATs demonstrated sports nutrition knowledge consistent with the required competencies for licensure, yet their knowledge does not exceed that of undergraduate kinesiology students. However, with the shift in the athletic training degree level to a master’s degree from a bachelor’s degree this may be an opportunity to place more emphasis on nutrition when creating degree requirements.

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