Carnivore Diet and Athletic Performance: A Case Study Analysis Case Study

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Victor Romano
Susan Bowser
Emy Cloutier


Carnivore diet, Sport nutrition, Soccer


Introduction: The carnivore diet, also known as the all-meat diet, has gained popularity in recent years among athletes and fitness enthusiasts. In this case study, we examined the potential impact of the carnivore diet on athletic performance and recovery.

Methods:  We observed and obtained data on an 18-year-old female NCAA Division II athlete who had begun the diet one month prior to the start of the soccer season. A total of 22 game sessions over 13 weeks were observed and recorded, collecting TRIMP, average game heart rate, and GPS data (miles, work rate, top speed). Due to the findings of the data, halfway into the season a registered dietitian (RD) intervened to suggest the addition of ~16g carbohydrates pre-game and ~6-10g carbohydrates post-game.

Results:  Before the intervention, the athlete measured an average of 240.82 TRIMP compared to the team’s average of 205.20 with the same GPS distance load as her counterparts (p=0.03). After the RD intervention, of consuming ~16g of fruit closer to game time, the athlete’s number of effect and intensity score changed to be comparable to the rest of the team 208.60 vs. 228.81, increasing the p-value out of significance (p=0.37).

Conclusions: While several factors contribute to high performance, data show that the addition of carbohydrate consumption close to game time in this particular athlete increased performance indicators (TRIMP and GPS Work Rate) for the student athlete.

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