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The Journal of Exercise and Nutrition (JEN) is an open access, peer-reviewed journal that aims to enhance basic and applied research in multiple areas of exercise and nutrition from clinical to athletic populations. The journal provides researchers, practitioners, and students with a platform for novel and cutting-edge practices in the field. ISSN: 2640 - 2572.

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Vol. 5 No. 4 (2022)

JEN is an open access, double peer-reviewed, internationally published journal, indexed on Google Scholar to track citations, h-index and i10-index for impact. The journal is a Crossref member for digital object identifier (DOI) number assignment and citation tracking.

JEN publishes manuscripts as they are accepted. Published works are dated by year, volume (issue): manuscript number and DOI number.  Example: 2022, Volume 5 (Issue 2): 1, DOI#.

JEN is an affiliate of the International Society of Sports Nutrition

Publication Timeline: From submission to publication, manuscripts in JEN take on averge 35-40 days. Timelines may vary based on reviewer promptness and the time needed for authors to address revisions. 


Reliability and Validity of Contemporary Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis Devices for Body Composition Assessment

Justin J. Merrigan , Nina L. Stute, Jason J. Eckerle, Nicholas S. Mackowski, James R. Walters, Maegan L. O’Connor, Kristyn N. Barrett, Robert A. Briggs, Adam J. Strang, Joshua A. Hagen
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The aim of the Journal of Exercise and Nutrition is to publish, peer-reviewed research in the nutritional and exercise sciences across all populations and disciplines from clinical to athletic populations. While not required, the journal encourages authors to submit "Direct Original Research," which is a compact version of an original research manuscript. Learn more about Direct Original Research.

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