Maximal Fat Oxidation During Running: A Reliability and Thermo-Metabolism Pilot Study

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Samuel Daoust
Stephanie Munten
Dominique D. Gagnon


Substrates Oxidation, Running, Temperature


Introduction: We investigated the reliability of a novel Fatmax protocol on a treadmill, and if exercising at Fatmax in the cold would increase fat oxidation and energy expenditure.
Methods: On separate days, five participants performed two identical Fatmax tests. They then exercised at Fatmax, in cold (~0°C) and thermoneutral (~22°C) environments for 30 min.
Results: Excellent reliability (ICC >.9) was found for the Fatmax protocol, and a non- significant increase in fat utilization was observed during cold exercise at Fatmax. Conclusions: Our novel Fatmax protocol on a treadmill is reliable and its impact on fat utilization in the cold should be further studied.

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